Chad provides monthly cooking class at Whiskey Bent BBQ Supply. He has also taught at other locations throughout the state. If you are interested in attending a class, please keep your eye here as the schedule below will be updated. If you would be interested in contacting Chad regarding his services to provide a class, please contact him at

6 Responses to Classes

  1. Danny Moats says:

    I am interested in signing up for your next class, please advise.

    • Danny,

      I saw that you were able to sign up yesterday. We look forward to seeing you at the class. In the future, you can always sign up at or by calling the store at (863) 940-2077.

  2. David Fernandez says:

    Hey Chad, I am interested in getting info on your classes and signing up but do not see a link for either. Could you please assist in this. Thanks!!! Saw you with Charley Belcher great segment!!

  3. Keith Beck says:

    I would like to sign up for your December class.

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