Whiskey Bent Smokers has three gravity fed smokers and one charcoal maze smoker in the lineup. If these cookers look familiar it is because these smokers have been on the market over the last two years as Southern Bred Smokers. We will still be utilizing the same world class manufacturing where the Southern Bred Smokers are made but will be very involved in the design and evolution of these fine smokers.

4 Responses to Smokers

  1. kevin says:

    do you have more pictures and pricing for these smokers? Thank-you in advance,

    • Kevin,

      We are currently migrating the brands and sites so you can see all the specifications, etc. at Please let us know if you have any other questons.

  2. Bruce Daily says:

    Chad – Hey ole boy, what you no good?! It’s good to see you succeeding in the BBQ arena!
    Bruce Daily

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